Welcome to my blog on endometriosis awareness, fertility and nutrition!

Nice to meet you and I’m very happy that you found the way to my blog.

My name is Emmanuelle, I’m 35 years old and I live in the wonderful city of Zürich, Switzerland, together with my husband.

Sports enthusiast, water and nature lover, interested in health and nutrition, Wanderlust, explorer, bringing people together, endo patient, trying to become a mother, would love to read more, lover of life❤️

And oh yes…my blog is all about the fact that I suffer from endometriosis and we are trying to have a baby. The aim is not to describe how sorry I am for myself, but rather to share experiences and show you the humor of certain situations, that all people who have been trying to conceive can relate to and will recognize.

I am always surprised how little people know about endometriosis and this inspired me to start writing a blog about it. My goal is to provide information and tips for my fellow ‘Endo-sisters’ and share my story, from how I found out I have endometriosis, what I did with that info and the different options you have when you get this diagnosis.

On the other hand, I will tell stories about our experiences as a couple (sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exciting) in our journey to try and get pregnant. From new tools, diets, sexual positions or medical devices, which should help us making babies faster. 🙂

I would love to get in touch with those of you who have comments, feedback, questions or just want to say ‘hi’, so please reach out to me if you want.

endometriosis and trying to have babies
endometriosis and trying

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