Endo vs. Emmanuelle: 1-1

Battle against endometriosis

March 2019 – I kept a diary to myself the days after my endometriosis excision surgery and thought I might share this with all of you. (not all at once, otherwise it will be a very long post, but I will publish in 2 different posts) It descibes my feelings and thoughts the day of and after the excision laparoscopy and might be helpful for those of you, who have the surgery ahead of you still or those of you who had the same, might recognize some of those feelings.

Quick recap of what happened before surgery, for those who didnt read my previous post – in 10 short steps:

1)PAIN since more than 10 years, since 2008-2009
2)Hospitalization 5 years ago: 2013 and again in 2015
3)Diagnosis: ‘high blood pressure and Menstruation pain… it will go away as soon as you have a Baby…’
4)Sept. 2017: married and Ready to have children.
5)Stopped taking the birth control pill and waited…
6)Nothing happened
7)Visit to Gynaecologist, who discovered low AMH value
8)2019: Referral to IVF clinic
9)More PAIN… I did research and stumbled on the word ‘endometriosis’
10)Endo specialist finally made correct diagnosis and recommended to remove endo through excision surgery…. so here we are! 🙂


After years of pain and uncertainty, I am finally being treated for endometriosis today. Endometriosis has been my only and worst enemy in recent years and I hope that after today, we can finish the fight with an even score and bury the hatchet.

It’s a cold Monday in March… Unfortunately, I’m having a cold since a few days, but I’m still fit enough for surgery, I think. At 9am I register at the reception of the beautiful Pyramide am See clinic in Zürich. A building that feels more like a 4 * hotel than a hospital. I couldn’t eat or drink anything since midnight the day before, and I have the feeling I could eat a horse or drink the whole lake of Zürich…

I am almost immediately brought to the waiting room by a friendly nurse with an Eastern European accent and trendy “On” sneakers.
Here I get a white nightdress, tight white stockings, white slippers and a granny underpants to put on. Totally sexy… 🙂
With an empty stomach and a dry throat, I’m being told to wait for the doctor to come. I’m being examined for a moment to make sure that my cold won’t sabotage the operation. I’m lucky enough to have no fever and no sneezing or coughing attacks, so everything is ok. (Otherwise, I would have needed to postpone surgery… which I really didn’t want)
The anesthesiologist is a slightly older lady with short hair who knows what she is talking about and immediately gives me a few pills and oh heaven: half a glass of water! Best moment of the day so far. 🙂
The waiting room is a room that is dominated by white and light blue, where there are 5-6 beds and where people lie before and after the surgery and wait until they can either enter the surgery room, go home or go to the Hospital room to rest and recover for some days.

at the waiting room….

I will be staying at the hospital for at least 4 days, so I am already wondering how I will feel when I will be laying in this room again after surgery.

My surgeon is a specialist in endometriosis and knows what to do, so I’m pretty confident that everything will go well and I am actually not feeling too nervous.
He just dropped by and came to say hello while I was in the waiting room and looked relaxed and friendly. This even made me feel more at ease.

Once I was taken to the surgery room, everything went very quickly… I only remember that I got a painkiller through an infusion and what seemed like only seconds later, I woke up and saw it was snowing outside! (this actually was 2,5 hours later… I was told later on. And it didn’t snow… it must have been a dream still) I do not know how long I remained in the waiting room, but I know that I fell asleep again and again, so the time passed by really blurry. My next fully ‘awake’ moment, I was already in my room.

To be continued… 😉

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