More than endo-Monday – nr 1: Wanderlust & travelling

Looking back at all of my posts since I started out this blog 2 months ago, I realized that my readers actually don’t know much about me and decided to devote 1 post a week to topics which are not about endometriosis or trying to get pregnant. I will share with you my passions and things that interest or drive me in life . I believe it’s always nice to get to know a person as a whole and not just their disease, which is in the end quite a negative side of me. So at the same time I invite you to leave a comment, if you can (or can not) relate to my passion, because I want to get to know you, my readers as well. 😁


Soooooo, let me start by telling you more about my biggest passion, my big fat positive (To stick with my regular blog vocabulary 😁), my biggest source of energy: Wanderlust and travelling! My dad used to own his own travel agency, which is why my sister and me already explored a big part of the world as kids. Probably our travel-addiction also finds its roots here. The funny part is, that I don’t always have to go very far to have the feeling that I’m travelling. This is why I added ‘Wanderlust’ in this post. Wanderlust means to me: looking for adventure, near or far and exploring new things. Even in my own city (Zurich) or country (Switzerland), whether I’m exploring a part of the city I don’t know well, whether I’m walking on new streets, going to new stores, trying out new bars or restaurants, I get the same positive feeling that I get when I travel on the other side of the world in a different continent. For me, the sensation of seeing new things, learning about new topics, meeting new people and tasting unknown flavours always keeps me on my toes and makes me curious and hungry for more.

So true!

So I guess you can say, it is my adventurous side, which drives me to try new things. I am always curious about how things look, feel, taste and how they are different from what I already know. When I think of travelling, this means to me to get indulged and exposed to unknown cultures and experiences. I will not be able to write about all the interesting travels we have done (but maybe I can come back on this passion in a later more-than-endo-monday-post), so today, I will just pick one. One of the best trips I ever experienced, was going to Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar, which is the new name, is located in Southeast Asia, but is still very different from its’ neigbour countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodja,… It still has a reputation to be very hard to travel around, but if you don’t mind travelling in slightly more simple conditions, it really is an unforgettable place to visit and we experienced it as being very safe. Myanmar is developing at a very fast pace and tourism is rapidly growing, but it doesn’t offer the same accomodation standards from Thailand yet. As more and more tourists are going there, I would recommend to prepare your trip in advance and don’t trust you will find available hotel rooms or transport when you are there. We never felt scared at all. On the contrary, we felt that the locals warmly welcomed us and were very proud to show us their country. Locals are very religious and spiritualism has really deep roots in the Myanmar culture, so another tip would be to be open, curious, learn and ask questions about the Myanmar culture once you are there. The combination of friendly, honest local people, a culture and religion which were completely new to me and an almost mystical landscape which I had never seen before were the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable trip. If some of you want to know more about Myanmar or about the route we travelled, just let me know in the comment Box. I will be happy to help.

As travelling to far places always contrasts with another passion of mine: sustainability/animals & nature, I do my best though, to travel consciously and only use planes if there is no alternative. If I do fly, I compensate the flight’s CO2 consumption, by donating money to sustainable ngo’s or projects. I’m very hopeful, that our generation will still be around when there will be flying options out there, which are not so harmful to our nature… and our future. Let’s cross our fingers!

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  1. kimi says:

    I hope traveling becomes more eco friendly sooner rather than later :/

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    1. EmmannuelleT says:

      Yes me too! 😣🤞

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