More than endo-Mondays number 2 – I love supping

Second time I write my ‘more-than-endo-Monday’ post, this time about my second passion: sports! I always needed a lot of sports and movement in my life, which always helped me to be in balance and full of energy. (Which is a good mix with my endometriosis, which is actually an energy-robber) I immediately notice when I haven’t been able to work out and be active: I get restless and tend to feel more tired and even… less happy!

I never had the ambition to excel at 1 sport in particular, but instead I always loved it to try out different things and do a big variety of things. I guess this is the reason why I will never become a world champion at anything. 😂

I could chose to write about several sports today: running, tennis, swimming, skiing, Pilates, hiking, squash, biking, fitness, stand up paddle,… unfortunately, since March of this year, I had to give up some of these sports, after my endometriosis surgery. During surgery, my S2 nerve was unfortunately damaged. The S2 nerve is one of the deepest pelvic nerves, which, when damaged, causes extreme nerve aches while sitting for too long and while jumping/running/biking. According to the surgeon, there is still hope and the pain should be reduced once the nerve recovers. The only thing is: you need a loooooot of patience, as it might take over a year before it really gets better. We are already 7 months post OP and it has improved slightly, but I’m not at all able to go without pain killers and not able to take up on running or biking again.

I am very happy though to have found and started to enjoy some different sports, which are really good for me. My number 1 sports is currently stand up paddling or supping, which is what I will write about today. Supping can be seen as watersport and is something in the middle between surfing and rowing. You can do it on hard boards (which like like big surf boards) or on inflatable boards, which are less stable, but easier to store and transport. I’ve always been a great water lover and with supping, I’ve found something which makes me enjoy to the fullest, the area where we live. We live only 150m away from the lake of Zürich and I enjoy every second of standing on my inflatable board. I meet up with friends on the middle of the lake sometimes, to have an apero or a brunch on our boards, with a view on the city on one side and view on the alps on the other, we plan little tours on the lake, through the city waters of zurich or one one of Zurichs rivers.

I used to be a sunny weather/25degrees-upwards- paddler only. This has now changed and I even enjoy being on the water on a cold (but sunny 😎) autumn or winter day in a neoprene wetsuit and booties. I just paddle myself warm on an almost empty lake and I just love, love, love it! ❤️ It’s not just relaxing, but on the other hand, it’s a full body workout. My legs and abs will have to work hard to keep me in balance (especially with cold weather, the aim usually is NOT to fall into the water) and arms, back and shoulders get trained, because they need power to bring me forward. Supping can be the perfect recreational activity for a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends, but can also turn into a very active and powering activity, if you’re supping at a certain pace and use of all your muscles to move forward as fast as possible.

Your SUP can even be used for surfing and riding waves, but I have to admit I never tried this yet. So far, I only used it on non-wave waters only: the lakes & rivers are quite stable and would be very boring for surfing. As the lake Zurich is already 40kms long and Zurich has 2 rivers (the Sihl and the Limmat) to paddle on, it never gets boring.

A crazy friend of mine has recently even subscribed us for a winter SUP race through the heart of Paris: ‘the nautic paddle’, a 12km long race along the Seine, along all famous paris monuments, with around 1000 paddlers. The race takes place in the first December weekend, so needless to say, it will be ‘a bit’ chilly. ☺️ This means, my friend and I will be spending the next 2 months training and preparing to get used to supping in cold temperatures. So please, dear readers: wish me luck! 🍀😀

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