Alternative medicine to cure endometriosis and/or get pregnant?

Alternative medicine to cure endo?

I have always been a firm believer of traditional medicine. Coming from a family with lots of doctors and with a theoretical background myself, I was never really open to alternative forms of medicine. But with classical medicine failing when it comes to curing endometriosis and in my quest to become pregnant, I admit that I have also started looking at alternative forms of medicine. It has always been my dream to get pregnant before or at least by the age of 35. As I will become 36 in 4 days (yes…. I know, Christmas Day…) this is not gonna happen anymore, so I decided already a bit earlier this year to be a bit more open to any possible solution. In the end, if it works, especially for being pregnant, I would try anything! Whether it’s chinese medicine, acupuncture, food as medicine, food supplements, physical therapy or massage, herbal medicine, bioresonance others, if you start googling, you will find believers and non-believers for each of these therapies. I tried some of them already and I will share my experiences with you.


The first ‘mild’ thing I tried, were food supplements. Zinc, vitamine B, C, magnesium, Omega 3,… after a Skype interview with a pregnancy and endo specialist, based in UK, I got a whole prescription list of supplements. The lady was very friendly, sounded very knowledgeable, but did also charge me 150gbp for one session of 1,5 hour… She prescribed me at least 10 different supplements, which were supposed to bring my body in the perfect shape to get pregnant. This was in June of this year… did I get pregnant? No… did I feel better? Euhm, I didn’t notice any difference. Did I loose a lot of money? Definitely. 😀 and I would lose a lot more if I have to continue taking all of these supplements for the next couple of years. So for me personally, supplements were not a solution, nor did they really bring me any benefits.

Pelvic floor therapy

The second thing I tried, was pelvic floor therapy, right after my endometriosis surgery. (Maybe this was a bit too early?) I had 3 sessions and I have to distinguish between the external and internal therapy. The external pelvic floor therapy was quite ok – not too invasive, focussing on mobilizing the uterus and the ovaries, through manual movements. My last session on the other hand, was internal therapy… massaging from the inside… I found this very invasive, very unpleasant and I wouldn’t recommend it at all. The therapist was a young woman, who had quite some experience with endo patients who wanted to get pregnant and I had nothing against her personally. I just found it very strange that a non-doctor goes inside you and starts massaging your delicate lady-parts… the session took almost half an hour and every inch of the vagina is being pushed, rubbed and massaged. Immediately after the session, I decided there and then, that I was never going to do that again! So I quit after the 3rd session. Not my cup of tea at all. If I would ever have to do it again, I would only allow external pelvic floor therapy.

Food as my medicine

I started reading and researching a lot about using food as medicine. The endo diet is quite popular already and already eating certain types of food to become pregnant has a lot of believers. I wouldn’t say I follow the endo diet very consistently, but I did try to eat more conscientious and I avoid things like coffee, red meat, soja, cow milk and I try to reduce my intake of sugar, chocolate and alcohol. I haven’t read any real evidence that the endo diet really helps avoiding endo to grow, but it does relieve the symptoms for many endo patients. Also eating as much as possible anti-inflammatory foods, should be beneficial for endo patients and for getting pregnant, so my intake of ginger, turmeric, fruits and vegetables has increased a lot. So far, not pregnant yet obviously. Endometriosis symptoms are currently ok, since my endo surgery earlier this year. But I have to say, I feel better, fitter and slimmer since adapting my food habits, even if I am not very consequent and I still eat a lot of sugar and drink alcohol, it does make a difference, so for me, food as my medicine – yes, I am a believer!

Too many needles

Acupuncture is something I haven’t tried for yet. The reason for not trying it yet is somewhat personal. I have a family member who is always a bit too eager, to take every occasion he can (Christmas, birthday parties, weddings, family dinners,…) to stick his needles in someone’s but, arm, leg or hand. He recently switched from being a physical therapist to acupuncture and he is just a bit too arrogant about it. Not only does he claim he can cure broken legs, make women pregnant, heal damaged nerves, but even cure cancer… this is for me just a bridge too far and I honestly have trouble believing this. He’s always talking about yin and yang and throwing in some Chinese words and is saying it doesn’t hurt. But as soon as he sticks his needle in my cousin, uncle or grandma’s hand, they are all screaming from pain. 😉 I am very open for feedback from any of my readers, if someone has any good experience with acupuncture, please let me know. If it will help me to get pregnant or will get me to stop the endo from growing, I will do it of course… but for the time being, I will continue to do my best, not to land under my brother in law’s needles this Christmas!! 🎄

Bioresonance therapy

I had never heard of bioresonance therapy until 6 months ago. A good friend of mine told me a story about a friend of hers who wanted to get pregnant and had planned endo surgery. She went for a bioresonance therapy 3 months before her surgery and the therapist had immediately told her that the surgery would not be necessary. So this girl started the therapy out of curiosity, but kept the surgery of course. 6 weeks later, she got pregnant… The endometriosis symptoms had lestened. (Probably because she was pregnant, so it will be interesting to see what will happen after the baby is born). So I decide to give this unknown therapy a go. Maybe for those of you who don’t know this either, just a quick explanation bioresonance: Bioresonance is based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves due to DNA damage. Proponents of bioresonance believe that detection of these waves can be used to diagnose disease, while changing these waves back to their normal frequency will treat disease. I had 2 sessions so far. The first session was a month ago, in which they measured with a Bose headphone, how healthy my cells and organs were. (Which took almost 2 hours) They found many ‘problems’ or not functioning immune cells, which could possibly cause endometriosis. They proposed a 2 faced solution: a bioresonance session to strengthen the organs and a detox session afterwards. The bioresonance session was pretty peaceful. I just had to lie down on my back with a peace of metal on my belly and one in my hand. With some kind of electromagnetic waves they bring the organs back in balance. It all sounded pretty straight forward to me… until a shuttle appeared, with which they get some answers to questions… (I don’t know from whom! 😀) they asked questions like: are the lungs ok now? If the shuttle then moves from left to right instead of up and down, this means we can move to the next organ to strengthen. 🙈 for someone down to earth and theoretical, this to me is real hocus pocus… but hey, Let’s give it a real try first and try to stay open. After the session, I received some drops which I should take twice a day and around mid January, my detox session will start. More news to follow… maybe even some good news, who knows. Staying positive…😁

I am most surely forgetting some alternative therapies and as mentioned before, always open to try something different, so if you have any tips for me or want me to be your chinese volunteer and try something for you, just let me know and I’ll do it (as long as it’s not illegal or lethal at least!) 😆

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you will enjoy some relaxing time with your loved ones and to those of you, with the same or a similar dream as me, I wish all of you a healthy love baby in 2020! 🥰

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  1. kimi says:

    That’s super interesting. I’ve never heard of bioresonance before. Let us know how it works for you! I am also curious which supplements you tried? I don’t know about curing endo, but I felt like I had better CM when I took L-Arginine, CoQ10, and Evening Primrose (the Primrose only for the first half of the cycle and not after ovulation). I hope something works for you sooner rather than later! For the Endo (Plus SIBO) I try to follow a low fodmap diet, plus no coffee, fried foods, limited chocolate and alcohol. It’s hard to stick to though, especially this time of year!


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