Endometriosis awareness month

March is endometriosis awareness month

Hey dear readers, I wish all of you a very happy and above all, healthy Newyear! We just got back a fantastic holiday and I was supposed to come back full force… until my bowel decided to block traffic… seems like I had too much Christmas overload food & Drinks after all, so he decided to go on strike. 🥴 I admit that I completely exaggerated as well… too much sugar, alcohol and coffee, so probably I only have myself to blame. Besides that, holidays were amazing and I am a bit sad that they are already in the past and the new year has already swooped in with a rapid pace. The bowel reaction is of course due to the endometriosis and might still be an effect from the surgery of last March. I will need to get it back under my control now as soon as possible, to avoid any trouble.

But, dear readers, luckily for you, my bowel will not be the topic of today’s post. 😉 I realized today that endometriosis awareness month is arriving soon. It is in March! Why am I writing about it today? Because it gives us the time to all start thinking about what we can do to give our illness some awareness. I know that this always feels a bit ‘difficult’, because it’s not always a nice thing to talk about or to share to our friends, colleagues or on social media. Sometimes even embarassing or we don’t want people to feel sorry for us. But somehow, I think it is our duty. We owe it to the little girls and women, whose mothers and doctors are telling them it’s normal to have painful period. We also owe it to our younger selves, for all those years we already had endometriosis and we have been ignored.

So what can we do? I am also still answering this question, but following things would definitely lead to more awareness and would definitely help: 1) we could all change our profile picture in March on social media for 1 month, showing the yellow ribbon or the logo of endometriosis awareness month. 2) we could all post 1 article or text on our social media accounts, just to remind people that 1 in 10 women have endometriosis and offer people with questions to come to us. I know that we all researched so much on the internet that we all are quite knowledgeable. We are not doctors of course, but we would be perfectly skilled to recommend someone to see an endometriosis expert. 3) we could set up an info session in our own town, village or city. I am planning to do this in cooperation with my local hospital. There is 1 doctor who is really skilled in endometriosis and he agreed to give a presentation. I will just need to give the event some publicity and hope that some girls and women will show up. 4) something that could create even more awareness, could be organizing a silent walk. For example through the Main Street of where you live. This will of course, only get some awareness if you can get enough people walking with you. 5) my 5th and last proposal is the easiest one. Just talk about it! Talk about it with your neighbour, with your aunt, with the mailman, your colleagues, your friends, your teachers,… everyone who wants to listen. You don’t have to complain about your symptoms… this will not make you very popular. But feel free to share the facts. Some examples of the facts I like to share: 1 in 10 women have it, the same number of people have endometriosis as diabetes, it takes on average minimum 7 years to get a correct diagnose, it is possible to get pregnant with endometriosis but it will be easier to get pregnant naturally after a (preferably excision) surgery and an hysterectomy will not cure endometriosis. There are a lot more facts of course, so feel free to pick those of which you think they matter to get more known by the general public.

We still have almost 2 months to get more ideas before it is time. I will keep on thinking, whether I can do something else as well. I would also like to ask you, whether you have any more ideas for endometriosis awareness month? I would be happy to get some more inspiration, so just let me know! 😁

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