Endo strikes back (so soon!)

Endo strikes back

Hey there readers, here’s a post… from my hospital bed… I just woke up after my second endo surgery (in 12 months). I never thought it would come back so fast, but it did…

So here’s the story: I actually fel quite well after my first laparoscopic surgery, except for my S2, S3 nerves being damaged from it…. I felt good, had my period and we were trying to go for a natural pregnancy. We went on holiday in December, where… I have to admit, I completely overdid it with food, drinks, coffee,… I didn’t start with the endometriosis diet after the first surgery.. 1) because I didn’t think it would make a difference in the severity of endo coming back. I only thought it would trigger the symptoms. And 2) I was not in so much pain since my surgery in March 2019, so I thought I could handle it. Back to the Christmas holiday… like I said, I completely exaggerated. I had a lot of cappuccino’s, a lot of alcohol and a lot of desserts, gluten, everything. When we got back home, I felt an aching in my lower left abdomen… which didn’t go away, not even after a few weeks. I decided to have it checked by my new gynaecologist, who is highly knowledgeable about endometrios by the way. (I was sooo happy that I found her).

She looked through an echography and found out one of my kidneys was blocked and also, she saw again 2 large cysts on my left ovary. The cysts were over 4cm diameter. I was so shocked to hear this. My surgery was only 10 months ago- how could this be??? I told her that we were trying to get pregnant and we were planning on transferring an embryo, which we still had frozen in our IVF clinic. Especially the blocked kidney worried the gynaecologist, but also the transfer of an embryo, she said, had little chances for success, since the cysts were already very big and there would not be enough space for an embryo to grow. This verdict came last week! So she sent me to the surgeon and planned in the surgery one week later. So here I am… laying in a hospital bed again, in Switzerland. At least, I’m overlooking the lake of Zurich. 😉 I have to say I had a much better feeling about this surgery, than I did the first time. Party, because the endometriosis could not be so spread out, over the last 10 months, but also, because I now have a fantastic feeling with my gynaecologist, who said she will follow up with me after surgery and will do everything she can to support us in our desire to have a baby. (Natural of through transfer or a new ivf cycle) she seemed really determined that we will get there and I exaxtly needed that kind of positivism. After 2 years of trying, you sometimes lose hope a bit and you need someone to tell you it’s still possible.

So yes, on my schedule now is: recovering as fast as possible. To then try to transfer the embryo in my womb. I will do everything I can in the next 6-8 weeks to prepare myself for that. If you guys have any, any tips on how to do this, let me know. Wish you all a great day… without pain and for those of you who want this, with a fulfilled desire to have children. Thanks readers, for your support!

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  1. kimi says:

    Good luck in your recovery and TTC journey. Keep us updated! I can’t believe the endo came back so quick for you. Terrible. I also haven’t been following a proper endo diet since my surgery… something I need to take control of asap (as we are also TTC).

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    1. EmmannuelleT says:

      Thanks so much, Kimi. Appreciate your support! Hope you will get back on track soon and will be have your ttc-wishes come true. 🤞☺️

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  2. bekkibee22 says:

    Sorry to hear hun, but sounds like it was the best option, this is the same for me I had my first surgery last May and then a couple month later my pain was back with a vengeance and I’m now going in for my second surgery Monday so not even 10 months let alone 12 so I can totally understand how your feeling. Plus so glad you got someone who understand and wants to help you, they are so hard to find and I’m lucky to have found one of them as well xx I wish you well in your recovery and take it easy xx

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    1. EmmannuelleT says:

      Dear bekkibee, thanks for your support and your kind message. I feel so sorry you are in the same boat as me. I will think about you tomorrow and I wish you all the best and hopefully this to be your last surgery. I am sure they will take good care of you in the hospital and you will feel better in a few days. Take care! Xxx

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