Day 3 of the endo diet

3 days since my last gluten, lactose, sugar, alcohol, red meat and soja… 3 days since I decided to give the so called endometriosis-diet a try. After 2 surgeries in 12 months, I am open to try about anything to try and stop this crazy thing from growing on my organs. So far so good, I should say. I am discovering new products in my local organic supermarket and I am finding new restaurants for lunch, which offer really nice and fresh vegetable buffets. The bio supermarkets in Switzerland are great and you can find alternatives for everything. (I even found cheese, made from nuts today!! Which I will try out and let you know how it tastes) I can unfortunately no longer eat lunch at my workplace, since we have our own chef, who doesn’t cook according to the endo diet. And I will not do this to him that I will ask this of him… the poor guy! Instead I will look for places around the office that sell fresh soups, salads and vegetables. Thanks a lot to all the vegetarians and vegans out here in Switzerland, who really make my life a lot easier, as almost all restaurant have started to adapt their menus. 😉 And thank god, I am working in the city center, with a lot of options around our office. Next step is, that I will prepare healthy things and take stuff with me from home as well, but I still need a bit more inspiration and energy (it’s been 2,5 weeks since my laparoscopy, so I’m still a bit too tired in the evenings to cook for the day after). And I dont want to ask my dearest husband to also do this for me.. he already helps out so much!

Conclusion so far, I don’t have the feeling I am missing out on something because you get so many alternatives these days. But… Important detail, I spend a lot more money on food and all the organic, gluten free, fresh, lactose free products… and I’m curious to see what this change of diet will to do our budget at the end of the month… if someone has any experiences with that, feel free to comment.

What was en-do menu today?

For breakfast, I had a banana porridge with oat milk, chia seeds and cinnamon.

For lunch, I had a delicious plate, full of baked vegetables: lentils, eggplant, corn, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and tomatoes with a bit of rice.

For dinner, my husband made me a burger, made of chickpeas, and a salad with tomatoe, avocado and cucumber.

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  1. kimi says:

    Sounds like you are doing well! I struggled more in those first few days giving up sweets.


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