My first week of the anti-inflammatory endo diet

One experimental week it was… I ate plenty of new foods, went to new stores and discovered an online offering I never knew that existed. Even if I find it hard, not being able to eat everything, I had imagined it to be more difficult than it actually is.

I admit, I mostly ate at home, so I could always choose myself what I wanted to cook and I believe that dinner at family or friends, or in a social setting is probably the hardest to stick to the diet. But as I decided that I will not stick to it 100%, but try to reach 80 or 90%, I think it will not be so bad. This week I tried to avoid all gluten and most sugar (except for 1 piece of chocolate) 😈 I had 2 glasses of red wine and some goat cheese, which didn’t really cause my bowels or belly aches to react… so I think the amount was ok to me. I notice that my digestion has improved and my bowel movements have already calmed down a bit, which might be a first consequence of my dietary changes. My digestion is not completely as I want it to be, but that’s probably very normal after only one week into the diet. I used to eat a lot of cheese with almost every meal and I ate bread and/or other gluten on a daily basis) I never thought that these things could be bad for me, but it might be that they did have an effect on my digestion system after all.

I will definitely continue and maybe I will try to cut out cheese (also goat cheese) from my diet completely. I am testing a lot of dairy free cheese options as well, but I’m not sure whether these are good for me, as they all have quite a large amount of fats in them… which are of course also quite inflammatory. To others who are doubting to start doing it, I would really recommend to try and do it. It sounds scary and almost a mission impossible, but it is actually not that bad. Ok, you will have to miss some things, but these items are not giving you any added value for your health and are on the contrary, causing your body to have to fight constantly. Just give it a try and you will see: it’s not that bad. 😄

What is en-do-menu today?

Breakfast: gluten-free bread with avocado spread

Lunch: lentils salad with sweet potatoes and spinach

For dinner later today: cauliflower salad with pomegranate seeds and a lemon sauce

Snacks: nuts and an apple 🍏

The anti-infammatory endo diet

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  1. kimi says:

    You’re doing great! I must admit that I had a bit of a cheat day yesterday (it was Mardi Gras after all). I didn’t have alcohol or sugary treats, but I did have some gluten. It was delicious, but I definitely felt the effects in my gut and even had a headache later. Back to no gluten today!

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