Happy endometriosis awareness month : make March yellow!

Endometriosis Awareness: make March yellow! Photo by mododeolhar from Pexels

Ladies, this is our time: March is endometriosis awareness month and it is our moment to talk, write, blog, post about endo. I have the feeling that still today, despite of all the publicity it gets, still half of all the people I talk to (especially men!) have never heard of it. With 1 women in 10 (at least) suffering from it and often having very unpleasant consequences, this is unacceptable. Even if it affects women only and even if it is not directly life threathening, it has major impacts on our health and our lives: from losing our jobs, to disfunctioning of organs, getting isolated and even suicide… So let’s try and do our best in reaching as many people as possible, to help all of the endometriosis patients out there. You can add the yellow ribbon (Symbol for endometriosis) on all of your social media profiles, put an actual yellow ribbon on your jacket, share a post, tell 1 person each day during this month, something about endometriosis or organize some kind of event… to raise awareness, to raise money for research or just to get in touch with other endo-friends in your area. You can find more ideas on the blogpost I wrote some weeks ago. I know it can be really scary, to ‘out’ yourself of being an ‘endo-patient’, because it can make you feel sick or weak or you might feel embarassed and you might be afraid what your friends, colleagues, family might think of you. Please only do those things which still make you feel comfortable. Sometimes it is easier to talk about endo with strangers than with your friends and this also helps for making endometriosis more known. I am convinced that every one of us makes a difference with every word we speak, every yellow ribbon we post and every post we publish Let’s all stick together this month and hope that we don’t need a lot more March months, before endo gets the actual attention it deserves! Take care ladies. xxx

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  1. kimi says:

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t even know it was Endometriosis awareness month!


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