3 weeks into the endo-diet

And it’s been a rollercoaster… I started off really fantastic and I was very strict the first week. I made some exceptions in week 2 and before I knew it, I was making an exception on something every day in week 3… 🙈

I still avoid gluten, coffee and most dairy, but I had a couple of glasses of wine (and… even a beer!), some chocolate and cheese. I do feel that my bowel movements are a bit more uneasy, but I’m not in any pain. As I’m on the diet, not to avoid symptoms, but because I hope it will also slow down the growth of the endometrioma, it is hard to know what ingredients are the worst for me and where I should really be strict to myself and where can I cheat once in a while. I definitely seem to have the biggest problem with sugar, as I sometimes still have a craving for chocolate, cookies or other sugary stuff. Maybe this is because I eat a lot of fruit… hence still get a lot of sugar inside of me.

I actually gained quite a lot of weight since I switched to the endo-diet, what was not exactly the plan. 🥴 I think I compensate the fact of not being able to eat everything to eating more of everything I am allowed to eat. 😆 Combined with the fact that I haven’t been doing any sports the last 2,5 months (since I had surgery in January) results in some extra kilos, which all ended up in my butt and in my belly… Allthough I am not happy about this, I read somewhere you have better chances of getting pregnant when you are in a gaining weight phase, so maybe this is not so bad after all… 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have my lost post-op check at my gynaecologist next week and if this check goes well, we plan to organize the transfer of the sole embryo we have in the freezer (from our first IVF cycle) at the beginning of April. Euhm, if the spreading of the Corona virus still allows us to leave our house…

Any way, back to the endo-diet! My plan is to become more strict again as from next week: eat less chocolate and do more sports! (No fitness clubs, since they are all closed in Switzerland due to corona… but since I am only allowed home office as from Monday, I will start to take up running again during my lunch break!) I want to be in the best possible health condition before we organize the embryo transfer! Wish me luck. 😉

What’s en-do-menu today?

Breakfast: oat milk with gluten-free granola and some fresh raspberries

Lunch: dairy free cheese with cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil on toast

Dinner: asian rice with mushrooms, peppers and plant made chicken (made from peas)

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